Old Vic Theatre

Associate Director – May -August 2016


‘There is only one world. Our world. And together, if we put our hearts and heads together. We can keep it safe.’

Two strangers meet on a bench. Louise has arrived in one of the most vibrant cities on the planet discovering all it has to offer, finding music, mates, markets and mermaids. Activist and grandfather Terry has lost faith in true connections; to family, to the environment and to the world beyond. When the journeys of different people collide it reveals what matters most, inspiring them to make a difference to each other, and for the generations to come.

In response to real Londoners’ hopes and fears about the environment Rise used a kaleidoscope of words, music and movement to tell Deirdre Kinahan’s epic tale. Rise was presented and performed by The Old Vic Community Company, made up of 200 talented and outspoken Londoners and was performed at a temporary theatre in one of London’s famous green spaces opposite The Old Vic; Waterloo Green.