Weather Man

‘He kind of disappears into tundra, into the snowstorms. He doesn’t have a sense of self the way most people do. It’s as if he were the wind, or the weather itself.”

The article includes a beautiful image of his desk, like a tiny installation to explore in it’s own right.


A mathematical equation for happiness

I am privileged to be working with some great artists and scientists as part of The Happiness Project at the Roundhouse, Camden. The project will result in a performance at the venue next summer/autumn with a final performance company consisting of young people and scientists.

One such neuroscientist is Robb Ruttledge who has recently done some pioneering research into how the brain processes mood fluctuations. The research has resulted in an equation for happiness which, as expected, has generated quite a bit of interest. Here’s a write up in the Telegraph 

His colleague Archy de Berker, who is also part of the project, has written a rather handy blog post with some of the headlines from the report, complete with football analogies. Always helpful.

They’ve both been wonderful to work with; answering questions about zombies and gruesome brain transplants with patience and humour. Their creative inspiration has also resulted in us creating two large brain installations, including one for Fun Palaces involving 200 members of the public.



The Wing Giver

February 2014

I have been writing a children’s book, The Wing Giver, for the past couple of years and found out in December 2013 that it was one of the finalist of the Undiscovered Voices competition. All very exciting and am now in the process of meeting potential agents whilst trying to work on a third draft of the novel.


Here’s a little info:


‘Per Ardua Ad Astra.’ Through difficulties to the stars.

Easier said than done.

At least for Callum McAndrew.

All he wants to do is fly. By himself. In the sky.

Hard enough. But made harder when you’ve not got your dad around. And you have to spend the summer working on old RAF veteran Stanley’s garden.

But might this unlikely friendship be just the thing to get Callum airborne?

And what can stop the Wing-Giver from entering his dreams?



Nail Varnish in Brooklyn

Do your own thing, as demonstrated by Sixth grader heavy metal musicians from Brooklyn

Unlocking the truth

The Joy of Books….

Ever wondered what happens when the books are left alone at night?